Getting Rid of My Shit!!

Obliviate! It’s a word that’s come to me a lot lately, as I become accountable for my actions, release the negative habits that don’t serve me and welcome my brighter future. It’s a taken a while to get to this point and similar to life it, hasn’t been easy. For my career, I am an expert in my field of health and wellbeing but somehow, I forgot to apply those principles to myself.

In the last year, I’ve had some incredible opportunities, and although I am extremely grateful for all of them, sadly, I didn’t fully acknowledge them.

It’s funny, when I started my business 4 years ago I just wanted to help people with my passion and also provide a positive future for my family. In the beginning, I was scared of success, I would procrastinate just to delay. However, my work and passion shine through and people around noticed me. My change was coming, but being responsible for my bad habits was something I wanted to put off.for my bad habits was something I wanted to put off.

The first stage to getting rid of my shit, began with my incredible “Unnie” (Big Sister in Korean) who, from her own passion to help others, qualified as a transformational life coach. At first, I just wanted to support her by having coaching sessions, however, a small part of me wanted the change and to see where I could go. I had 2 sessions and boy we went deep and it was hard! We worked on releasing my biggest limiting belief and giving me tools around confidence, clarity, motivation and self-love. The after-effects doing the work of facing my blocks and gaining insights were the hardest, but also the breakthrough I needed. It was life-changing because it also meant I had deal with past experiences and the lack of self-belief that was holding me back.

A month after I travelled to Thailand for the second time, which was an epic experience, I could feel the changes happening but my eating habits were another trigger holding me back. I would make excuses “Oh I can start eating well tomorrow” or “I can have the gluten or dairy products” knowing full well that I’m intolerant to them and it doesn’t end well.

As June rolled in, I was 12lbs heavier and my digestion system was completely out of whack. The turning point for me was a picture my friend Momo took of our girl’s lunch and I felt horrible. I looked at the picture and thought “what the hell happened? This is not me!”.

After Momo’s tough love talk, I knew action was the only way I could make these changes

I started going to boot camp at work and joined my salsa classes again. I stopped eating gluten and dairy products, although I did have a couple set-backs along the way.

However, I started giving myself pep talks and slowly the new healthy habits were beginning to form. Although the main issue was diet and digestion, I decided once and for all I would book a back-to-back session with my colonist Dominika, and let her work her magic, and my goodness she worked a miracle on me! This was another turning point.

Earlier on that day, I had an adult conversion with my son’s father, for years we were on really bad terms which affected our son’s upbringing. At that moment of speaking to him,

I didn’t know I needed closure. Those feelings of hurt had which I hadn’t fully let go of, had affected the choices I made when it came to the type of men I would go for. By having that conversation, I realised the work I did with Elizabeth had opened the door to facilitate those changes, helping me realise what I needed to let go. Furthermore, when I went to see Dominika I literally release all my shit! Dominika said, “Stop storing shit!”. All the work I’d done before, coupled with my sessions Dominika helped me realise holding in things that don’t serve me, literally blocks me up. With the physical blockage almost gone, I feel light as a fairy, ready to sprinkle my goodness on the world!

I can now feel the affirmation I worked on with in my coaching session begin to manifest itself - “I am taking one step at a time on my bridge of life, acknowledging and achieving the life and love I deserve. It all starts with me”.

Love Nureen x

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