Live LAGOM Changed My Life!

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Hello Everyone! 2 years ago, I took part in IKEA’s ‘Live LAGOM’ project and my goodness, it was a life changing experience that I’ll never forget; I’ve haven’t looked back since! Now at the beginning of its fourth year, I have re-joined the project, and this is the first post of many that I will share over the year about this exciting opportunity! The Live LAGOM project, created by IKEA, aims to offer its customers and co-workers products, workshops, advice and a supportive community to help them lead healthier and more responsible lifestyles.

You may be asking what is LAGOM? Lagom comes from the Swedish phrase “Lagom är bäst” (the right amount is best), which is believed to be the very secret to sustainable living. It’s about only using what you need, striking up a perfect balance and not overconsuming the finite resources the planet has.

As an active member in this vibrant community, I have partnered with IKEA this year to document the little achievable steps I have taken and will take to live as sustainably as I can. I’m so excited to bring all of you on my journey as I discover new tips, products and share my learnings from various workshops that will help me on my way to embody the true meaning of LAGOM.

With my business that I set up I get to work with numerous communities across the UK. I teach specially designed courses and workshops to help people of all ages learn about how eating healthily can be easy, appealing and fun. My courses aim to provide the necessary skills needed to transform and improve people’s lives. So far, the Live LAGOM project has helped me focus on four key sustainable living areas that has grown to be a real interest for me:

- Food Wastage: One of the courses I teach is called ‘How to be a Smart Food Shopper’ so it made sense for me to explore and develop ways to be more sustainable with my food and reduce food wastage. As a result, I’ve completely upgraded my course particularly in the areas of food storage, buying in season, how to keep produce fresher for longer and much more. I have a challenge I’m developing for you to get involved, so keep your eyes peeled because we’re going to have fun!

- Recycling: I have to admit, I was one of those people who never recycled. However, with my son becoming an Eco Champion at school, I was challenged to do better. Fast forward 2 years, and Live LAGOM transformed me into a recycling warrior and I’ve also included recycling as a key section of my course! From using sorting bins provided by IKEA recycling was simpler than ever!

- Healthy Lifestyle: With such busy lives, living a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge. The Live LAGOM project gave me easy steps to be able to achieve balance. This was a BIG win for me and I was able to take what I’d learnt and revamp the concept of eating on the go by developing my own incredible meal prep methods.

You can check out the link below. Variety was key to making healthy living sustainable so I’m excited to share more of the Feed Me Good/Live LAGOM way of sustainable healthy eating!

- Grow your own: Unfortunately, I never inherited my mum’s green fingers, but all that changed thanks to Live LAGOM. I’m now a proud ‘grower’ and I’m happy to report no plants have died. My basil, mint and other herbs are thriving! I was so pleased with this result that I’ve included a ‘Grow Your Own’ section to my course to help students learn to how to grow their own at home. From no green fingers to becoming a green fingered champion is pretty impressive don’t you think?

In this new year, I hope to be able to build on those four key areas and find new and interesting ways to be more environmentally conscious. Be sure to look out as I’ll be posting more about my Live LAGOM journey soon!

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