Escape the stress of back to school… get organised beforehand!

The best stress saver and time saver I have experimented myself and which I now teach to my clients is the home and life organisation. I always recommend to the parents I work with to set some easy systems up to encourage the kids to put their own things away from an early age.

The summer is a great time to get more organised as the kids are in school break, your life as a parent is (hopefully) a little bit calmer… Here are my organisation ideas to start off the next school year right, and with less stress...

Plastic Free Food Shopping Challenge = Student Week

What to do as soon as the school finishes?

1/ Inspect all the school uniforms and sport clothes to make sure they’re still in good condition and the right size for next year.

2/ Take a moment with each kid to look at all the school year production they’re bringing back home at the end of the school year (and to everything they brought back during the school year). Take the time to discuss each project with them. Keep a selection of the best drawings, the cutest art projects, the main pieces of writing and proudly display them in an area of your home (you can create an art gallery on a landing, in a staircase….) or keep this small selection in a memory box. You can also take some photos of some other pieces to create a photo book. Then, my advice is to discard the rest! If you keep all the school productions for all your kids for their whole school life, you might end up with an entire room full of boxed school projects you will never look at again…

3/ Check all the school supply which are still usable for next year and organise them by category. You can use freezer bags to keep everything nicely together.

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