New Me Gluten and Dairy Free

I never thought I would see the day where I would be writing about gluten and dairy free from my own experience. I have had such a beautiful relationship with wheat; I baked everything from my sexy cakes to lush pies. I recently had a colonic and allergy test, I can now confirm I am a part of the gluten-dairy free crew.

At first, I felt really pissed off, although my experience was that gluten and dairy-free products were quite good. I didn’t think I would to retrain myself in baking and finding a suitable flour substitute for that damn gluten. You see, dairy free is my life, I don’t drink cow’s milk, I prefer seed or nut milks and I have amended my recipes accordingly. But the gluten free thing – it’s a bit of a tough cookie to crack.

Secondly, I hate gluten-free flour, it has a very grainy quality and it doesn’t soak up all the delicious flavouring I add it to. The thing that ticks me off about the gluten-free flour is that baking with it is very difficult. You need to add some sort of filler in order to get a thickish consistency. Now to be fair beans, courgettes and sweet potatoes are great substitute. I think it’s just trial and error.

Out and about:

Eating on the go can be a slight challenge and a bit expensive, however gluten-free on the go is on a different level. I find myself eating more fruit and vegetable-based products just to be safe. So you could say it makes you eat more of your 5 a day! On the other hand, there are a lot of gluten-free products on the market to explore.

The only issue I have with some of the products is that they have high sugar content. Choose wisely!

This summer, I am going to attack this challenge and have fun with creating new gluten-free recipes, which will also include vegan and paleo options too.

Top tips I have found so far:

  • Coconut and oatmeal flour has a very dry consistency so if you do use it, double up on the flavouring like fruit or paste.

  • Sweet potato is a great gluten-free alternative and I find I can add a very small amount of ground almond or gluten-free flour to the dessert and it comes out moist with a good consistency.

  • Beans, beans and more beans. We have so many beans. Any beans will do, kidney, black beans and white kidney beans are great plus you can use the water from white beans and chickpeas – aka aqua faba – to make a fluffy icing. Absolutely lush!

  • Cornmeal with lots of sweetcorn is also good for a low fat and sugar cornbread.

  • Schart Brand has really good bread that actually tastes like normal bread. Their biscuits are individually wrapped which is good for portion control, however there is a high quantity of sugar in them, so eat in moderation.

Next time I will add more product review.

Happy Eating!