Children Education Programme (ChEP) is developed to educate the children of our communities and build a solid base of basic knowledge and skills. This programme is for children aged 4 to 11 years old. 

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Features and Benefits: 


  • As part of ChEP - Brent We will be providing 500 cooked meals for our Brent Schools. 

  •  Our cooking /nutrition sessions will be delivered by food and nutrition practitioners with strong experience in engaging and developing a relationship with children and young people. The programme will cover the following activities, which will offer a fun way of eating and living healthy.    


  • Healthy cooking skills: Children will learn how to cook food from all around the world, creating a healthy twist to their favourite dishes (- face to face or mini cooking demos online).


  • Food and nutrition modules: Teaching children about the function, benefits, and management of healthy and non-healthy food and how it affects their bodies; how to develop healthy relationships with food and their peers to combat isolation, low self-esteem, and emotional wellbeing with their food. 

  • Gardening sessions (to grow your own food): Encouraging children to explore more fruits and vegetables; explore the complete farm to fork principle; learning an invaluable skill of growing their own fruits/vegetables which will enable them to gain responsibility and appreciation of the food they grow.

  • Sustainability:  Discover the way of sustainable practices (energy saving, waste and pollution reduction, sustainable sources) and how they can do their part to help to save the environment. 

  • Life Skills:  Children will explore their qualities, strengths, and weaknesses; discover employability skills and gain knowledge of money management.