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Nureen Glaves


Hello, My name is Nureen Glaves and I am the Founder/CEO of Feed Me Good. From a young age, I always knew food was a way of breaking down barriers and sharing culture.

My 20 years of career experience in Food, Nutrition, and Health has taught me so much about people and their habits. As a proud Black woman and Public Health Nutritionist, I am breaking down the barriers in different communities around health inequalities, food waste, and uplifting our students, to truly understand and feel confident in their health and wellbeing decisions, so they to can lead happy healthy sustainable lives. 

When it comes to nutrition and food, I pride myself on developing innovative CPD programmes with solutions from understanding your eating habits to labeling, sustainability, and weight management. I want to Feed Me Good to be a global innovator in the Health and Wellbeing industry.


Nureen is also a Natwest Pioneers Post SE100 Women of Inspiration 2020, IKEA Live LAGOM Brand Ambassador, LSBU Alumni Hero, SSE Fellow, and featured on Rich Kids Go Skint. 

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Our History 

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Kelita Wood 

HR Director

My name is Kelita Wood, I have been a Director at Feed Me Good since 2016 and responsible for operational and HR aspects of the business. It's a pleasure to work with such a talented team and together we make decisions about the services we offer and how they are delivered. I love seeing the excellent results of workshops and the positive impact it has on communities.

I have a degree in Business and Management which I gained in 2008 and a Masters in Human Resource Management which I gained in 2010. In 2011 till the present, I spent 9 years of my career working in a proactive HR function as an HR generalist (dealing with all areas of HR) and my Director role at Feed Me Good allowed me to gain a wide range of experience in HR and operations.

My main areas of specialism are, adherence to policies and procedure, learning and development, recruitment, employment law, planning and organising, managing staff, building relationships, networking, and leading on "CV Writing and Interview Support" workshop am the co-author of "Time2Play" Marc's First Visit and Founder of Kids Employability Skills. 

Hermina Heder

Operations Manager

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My name is Hermina Heder, I have recently joined Feed Me Good as Operational Manager and Lead Facilitator. However, I had already worked with the company on different projects in the last 3 years. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented team that reaches communities and teaches them in a fun-filled environment.

I studied, qualified, and worked almost 7 years as a Quality Engineer in Hungary before I decided to come to the UK. In the last 8 years, I was worked at IKEA where I met Nureen through a sustainability project `Live LAGOM` that I led in the store. Sustainability is an important part of my life. This comes from my time growing up in a small village in Hungary. Thanks to the teaching of my mum and grandmother I learned a lot of life skills, gained knowledge of home growing and cooking. This is why I have a love for nature and natural things.

During my 8 years at IKEA - including my 4 years of Live LAGOM journey - I learnt a lot about sustainable living: energy efficiency, renewable energy, clever cooking and storing, zero waste kitchen, recycling, and up-cycling. This knowledge comes in handy every day as well as when I am teaching.