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Smart Food Shopper Challenge: Cost of Living

Hello everyone, my name is Nureen Glaves, aka Chef Nunu (Chef and Public Health Nutritionist), CEO and Founder of Feed Me Good, your best source of food education.

We develop and deliver holistic health, wellbeing and sustainable programmes for different communities across London and outside M25. I am implementing my 22 years of experience in various food, nutrition and community industries into helping people.

I developed our CPD-accredited programme called "How to be a smart food shopper" eight years ago as I struggled to put food on the table or, better yet, make my food shopping last. I remember like it was yesterday going to Aldi when they first opened, and I spent £57 on food shopping that lasted me for three weeks ( This is based on a family of four) as many of my food items went straight to the bin. I asked myself What did I do differently? Why was the food lasting longer? Before I knew I created a programme that has helped thousands of people, and it changed my life and business forever.

Cost of Living - Food Insecurity:

According to Cost of living -, food Rising food prices have the second most significant effect on our health after gas prices, according to 78% of Brits. Food prices have been increasing at the fastest rate for 40 years. Fresh and less processed foods have always been the more expensive food choice. Recent grocery inflation is pushing these healthier options further out of reach for vast stretches of the public. Instead, many are turning to cheaper, less nutritious options such as microwave meals or cutting back on food completely. It's also thought that health inequalities cost the NHS in England £4.8 billion annually.

According to one study, people from the most deprived fifth of neighbourhoods have 72% more emergency hospital visits and 20% more planned visits than people living in the most affluent fifth of areas. More than three-quarters of people (76 per cent) responding to a Food Standards Agency survey said that rising food prices were a "major future concern" for them. The study found that individuals are living with long-term health conditions.

Every day we are shown in the media news about food insecurity and people not being able to feed themselves or their families; yes, food, fuels and other prices have skyrocketed by more than 10.9% inflation. One thing occurred to make what If I could do a 30-day challenge that would teach the nation top tips from our How to be a savvy food shopper but also show them how to make delicious dishes and repurpose everyday ingredients?

Why should you get involved:

I have a superpower: I match food to nutrition, which means my food is beyond delicious; if you don't believe it, ask around or make these dishes yourself.

One trend I have noticed on Tik Tok is that people show you what they "Buy in a week", but they don't show you how to do the following:

  • Meal Prep

  • Talk about Brands vs Products

  • Saving money on your food shop

  • Repurpose your ingredients or leftovers

  • Energy Efficient Equipment needed to save money on energy bills via cooking methods

  • Restaurant Inspired or Fast Food Meal you or your family will love

Thirty days of different cooking videos and tips on YoutTube, TikTok and Instagram, let me empower you to make healthier, cheaper and sustainable choices with your food and save money.

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Article Feature on Metro

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