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Feed Me Good with Chef Nureen Cookery Book

Feed Me Good with Chef Nureen Cookery Book

My first cookery book, Feed Me Good with Chef Nureen. 

Explore my world where the joy of cooking meets nutrition.

From the early age of 4, my passion for food and cooking started; this was influenced by my mum and auntie Sandra cooking and baking in the kitchen. 

Creating beautiful Jamaican dishes which is the foundation of my cooking. 


Over the years, I developed a true love for cooking, and to this day, I really enjoy feeding people hence the name of my company. 

From my love of reading labelling in year 7, I found a new love: nutrition. 

Over 22 years, I have dedicated my life's work to learning and teaching food and nutrition. 

In this book, you will learn the following: 


1. How to reduce your food waste and unitise your ingredients. 

2. Celebrate world food, learn what ingredients in needed to make a difference in national dishes and learn the similarity. 

3. Learn tips on nutrition such as micronutrients from our module Immunity Boosters 

4. Food storage tips to support you in reducing your food waste.

5. Tag us on Instagram @feedmegood. We want to see what you made and leave a comment. If you are looking for recipes or dietary preferences, please email 


This book is dedicated to 3 important women in my life my first teachers in food, Mum, Auntie Sandra, and Auntie Gigi. Thank you for being an incredible woman and inspiring me to take the journey into food and nutrition. 


Love Chef Nureen aka Chef Nunu x

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