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About Us 

Feed Me Good is a proud female-led  organisation that has a holistic approach to combating Health Inequality

in the Black and Ethnic Community. 

We support a diverse group of communities, across London and the UK. 

We also support a diverse group of communities and individuals

to improve their health & wellbeing,

by increasing their aspirations

and developing sustainable life skills

to enhance their health, education

and career opportunities.

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Our Partners & Supporters


What Our Communities Say

"We have been really inspired by the Feed Me Good lessons. We have learn't new recipes face-to-face and online during lockdown!"

                  Hemendra L&Q Resident

Student Testimonial

"I feel on Cloud 9! Motivated and willing to attend more classes, I feel good in
myself and the information I have learned,

I will definitely recommend this course to other people"


Manjula L&Q Resident 

Student Testimonial

"Nureen has a uniquely personal approach and makes residents and staff feel very comfortable. They are brilliant at engendering trust, listening, and working with diverse groups. They are an asset in communities and through their work with housing providers."

                                   Lorraine Gilbert
Head of Involvement and Communications | Aylesbury Regeneration Team –Regeneration and Assets

Client Testimonial

Nureen Came on board the IKEA Live LAGOM Programme as a Wembley participant 4 years ago, it’s been a fantastic 3 years where Nureen has brought her wealth of knowledge and passion around food and nutrition and translated it into our healthy and sustainable living agenda for our customers.  She has presented many food waste and food storage workshops both online and in stores, inspiring many of our customers to reduce food waste, saving money, energy and time whilst bringing families together in a fun friendly learning environment. Its always a pleasure to work with Nureen"



Aileen McCreadie IKEA Live Lagom Programme Manager UK & IE, sustainability and healthy living engagement

Brand Testimonial

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